Designers & Architects

Whether creating the magic of a home movie theater or the intimacy of a master retreat, Today’s Interiors can turn your design into a stunning reality.  Today’s Interiors is the silent partner every Architect or Designer needs to achieve maximum impact for the effort.  Let us show you how our state-of-the-art integration shading solutions can become a part of your design.  We can also handle specialty shapes and a huge variety of design options.

Nothing compares to the ease and elegance of automated shading systems and window treatments.  Every product we offer can be pre-wired for new construction or retrofitted into existing structures for a seamless integration into any environment.  Whether it’s one room or an entire home or building, Today’s Interiors will collaborate with your team of architects, designers, builders, and installers to ensure your shading and motorized window treatments are an essential part of your automation systems environment.